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Heading to Washington DC

Where do I fucking start not sure why it took me so long to write this one. Oh yeah I moved to DC from Florida in 11 days for my husband to take advantage of an opportunity to get his full pension and health insurance for life.

Thank you God. But when I agreed to this trip I had no idea about the 90 degree turn my life would have taken.

I have to admit I fucking love this being here in DC I am invisible and born new. Nobody knows who the fuck I am and I love just being me. Not worried about who will see me or try to pull me into the next drama trauma that is my family.

We got a great 2/2 that is spilt floor plan and two balconies. One of which was the selling point a private terrace that I have filled with plants and vegetables. My sis in law Angela took me to a plant place in PA. The prices of plants in DC are fucking ridiculous. 30 something dollars for a dried out aloe plant that was less than 6 in pot. Total fucking cray cray.

I feel better with my plants on the terrace. I am surprised how much happiness they bring me. I am also growing weed. It’s fucking legal here and I will be doing a grow journal for a Auto this summer.

I am growing regular seeds Three have survived so far from the original five.

I have only one auto that has survived. The planter did not have drainage that I set up for five seeds so they all drowned.

Trial and error. I guess that’s why I like them so much. Because I can appreciate the journey and survival a seed had to go through to show off their leaves and fruits.

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