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Fish Taco Hack

I know everybody thinks whole food is insanely high. But if you shop the sales and for meal hacking.

You will need an air fryer. I fucking swear by these. Thanks to my mother in law’s christmas present. We are still using the one that looks like a egg on your countertop.

Air frying makes frozen food super crispy, I dare say healthier and better than traditional frying methods. Less oil, I am assuming less calories and better 360 crispiness on your leftovers and frozen foods

So we buy the Gluten free Haddock Fish filets.

I just buy one avocado and mix it with the little premade cups of guacamole you can get at any grocery store.

Cole slaw mix or Lettuces

We made mango salsa. Got a cheap Mango at Aldi and a tomato, then I mixed in red onion, jalapeno and cilantro, if you are a fan.

Perfect in less than 10 mins and the house does not smell like fish and we got a great meal and super cheap.

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